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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" coming to Seattle

This is the latest message from (sign up for their email alerts if you haven't yet). Al Gore is doing the Lord's work here, folks. Somebody has to take on the fossil fuel industry, and I can't think if anyone with more credibility on this issue than our old friend/foe, Al Gore. Al, I didn't vote for you in 2000, when you refused to even mention global warming, but I respect this move today. I would encourage anyone with the means to read this message and attend the premiere of this film, and to spread the word as far and as wide as you can. Only by rallying together can we upend the system that rewards the rampant rape and pillage of the Earth by the wealthy corporate elite.

I doubt Al would recommend this, but I believe the only way to truly forestall the inevitable heating of the Earth is for working people worldwide to demand an end to the quest for quarterly profits and a complete redesign of the capitalist system. Only when profits are tied to their adverse effects on the planet will we have a truly free-market system.

Dear MoveOn member,

"An Inconvenient Truth" opens in Seattle this Friday and it's creating a buzz across the country. Thousands of us have already seen it and according to Variety magazine, it's setting major records at the box office.

How the movie does on opening weekend in your town will determine how it's received in the local press and how many other cities get to see it. That's why we're asking folks to pledge to see the movie and get tickets in advance.

You can sign the pledge and buy tickets to the film (for any day) through the link below. Just click here:

You'll also be invited to join a special conference call with Al Gore this Sunday, June 4th at 7:00 pm EST / 4:00 pm PST. On the call we'll have a chance to learn more about the issue and ask him questions. Plus, Paramount Classics just announced that it will donate 5% of ticket sales to the Alliance for Climate Protection—so just by going to see the film, you'll be donating to help fight global warming.

Theater: Pacific Place
Where: Seattle, WA 98101
Buy Tickets:
Search for Map:

Theater: Guild
Where: Seattle, WA 98103
Buy Tickets:
Search for Map:

The movie is technically a documentary, but it's also been described as a thriller and some folks have even called it scary. It's scary because it's a serious look at the grave path we're heading down if we don't take real steps to stop global warming today. I've seen it and it's a powerful film. Even though I pay pretty close attention to these issues, it made me think about the crisis we face in a whole new way.

The oil industry is already organizing against it—Exxon is behind a major ad campaign designed to discredit the film and the science behind it.2 Why? Because "An Inconvenient Truth" has the power to fundamentally change the way we act on global warming.

Here's what other MoveOn members are saying about the film:

"It is a real eye opener, but presented with stunning visuals and a mixture of humor, wisdom and optimism which makes it both appealing and sobering at the same time."

"This is a must see film. It will horrify you and energize you. It will give you cause for alarm and cause for hope."

And here's what some of the reviews are saying:

"Log on to Fandango. Reserve some seats. Bring the family. It shouldn't be missed. No kidding... ...There is no substitute for Presidential power, but Gore is now playing a unique role in public life. He is a symbol of what might have been, who insists that we focus on what likely will be an uninhabitable planet if we fail to pay attention to the folly we are committing, and take the steps necessary to end it."
–The New Yorker

"An Inconvenient Truth, based on a slide show Gore developed and has given for years, is part documentary, part dark comedy and part horror thriller. As narrator, Gore makes jokes at his own expense, presents a cartoon clip from Fox's cartoon Futurama about cooling the ocean with ice cubes and shows footage of storms, floodwaters and scorching drought that would be thrilling if they were fiction instead of fact"
–USA Today

You can check out the trailer here. Then, please sign the pledge and get tickets to see it by clicking below:

See you at the theater,

–Eli, Nita, Rosalyn, Natalie and the Political Action Team
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

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