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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Former Servicemembers meet for the common cause of peace

This coming Wednesday, May 24th, two former servicemembers will describe their experiences as conscientious objectors in an event sponsored by Tacoma's own Veterans for Peace Chapter 134, which will be held at First United Methodist Church. All the information will be available on the Tahoma Activist Calendar soon enough. One of the men, Dan Tsahor, cofounded the peace group in Israel, Combatants for Peace, composed of 90+ former soldiers and "freedom fighters" in Israel and Palestine. This article gives you some idea of what that group is about.

I would urge everyone who cares about peace or who has family in a warzone to come to this event to show your support for the cause of justice in the Middle East. These wars of occupation are driving people to commit extremely heinous acts. These acts could be stopped if only we do more to improve the lives of the citizens in these countries. And pulling out unwanted foreign troops would be the best first step toward achieving that goal. Please write your Members of Congress and your Senators and let them know how you feel about this war and about our President's chosen course of action in the Middle East. We can make a difference, if we just get involved.

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