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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thank you, Thom Hartmann!

Thom Hartmann, Air America-syndicated radio talk show host and author, officially broke the media silence today around the most important issue regarding 9/11: What did the President know, and when did he know it? Not one of the callers to his program expressed doubt as to the conspiracy behind this event. I would urge all our readers to send Thom an email at and let him know that you are proud of him for stepping up to the plate.

For those of you who believe the "official story" of 9/11, consider this: Bush claimed to have seen a small plane hit the first tower, and remarked at the time that "That must have been one terrible pilot." No one on the planet had seen the first plane hit the tower, because no video of that strike was known to exist until a French tourist revealed the tape two weeks later. This tells us one of two things: either a) Bush did see the strike, which means he had access to live video of the World Trade Center in real-time, or b) he was lying. Either choice is disturbing. Why would he have real-time video of the World Trade Center? And why would he lie about seeing the plane if he hadn't?

To me, and to many who have studied this conspiracy (remember folks, a conspiracy is any group of folks plotting to commit a crime - 19 hijackers is a conspiracy) there can be only one possible answer to these and many other unanswered questions. The answer: that Bush and his criminal cohorts knew this was going to happen, and they either let it happen, or they facilitated it. Either possibility is criminal, it's insane, and it is grounds for impeachment.

Many Democrats, and disaffected non-Democrats, are feeling torn, between wanting a new direction in Congress, and wanting to see this entire administration impeached for their crimes against humanity and the Constitution. The beautiful part about this is, we can have both. If we elect Democrats to the House and the Senate, and then put even more pressure on them to look into the events leading up to 9/11 abd the coverups that have been employed since then, this President and everyone in his administration will be facing major prison sentences. In fact, since it can be argued that these attacks have actually helped our enemies (Al Qaeda and other terrorists) they could be grounds for charges of treason, a charge punishable by death. Of course, as a liberal, I am opposed to capital punishment, but not everyone in this country is. We may very well be facing a situation in which the President and his top advisers could be facing the electric chair for what they've done.

It is incumbent upon us as freedom-loving patriotic Americans to spread this truth, and to engage our friends and neighbors in discussions about how we're going to advance the cause of justice in this situation. We ought to, at the very least, be using our blogs and websites to wake people up to the dangers of following this President. We ought to be holding town meetings on this subject and the subject of the illegal war in Iraq. We ought to be conducting screenings of documentary films like Loose Change 2, a very well-done documentary that explains what happened on 9/11 and why the President was and is responsible. These actions, and many more, have the potential to restore democracy to this country by raising the ire of the American people against this President and his entire illegitimate administration.

We need our leaders to hear us loud and clear: murdering your own citizens for political and financial gain is not only wrong, it's criminal, and should be met with articles of impeachment.

We can win this, if we commit ourselves to this cause. All our other work is important, whether working to clean up the environment or to get labor-friendly politicians elected, but this issue, the issue of how to remove a dangerous and amoral President, is the central issue of our time. It is up to us to take up this charge and do with it what we must. If we don't impeach this monstrous President and his dangerous corporatist minions, what other heinous crimes will he prosecute against our people?

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