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Friday, May 12, 2006

These crazy cable companies want our internet- let's tell em where to stick it!

I can't believe this. These stupid cable companies and industry front groups are trying to make it look as if an army of concerned citizens have banded together to save the Internet from the wacky "Net Neutrality" crowd that's being pushed by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

This cartoon is not very good. It seems quickly slapped together and the humor is not funny. I admit, I'm a little biased, but it just seemed hollow and mean-spirited. I certainly wouldn't want to do the bidding of Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, but to mea all corporations are suspect. What isn't suspect is, where I learned about this stupid new move. These damn cable companies should really stop trying to profit off the peoples' misfortune. Ending Net Neutrality, or not funding its enforcement, is going to lead to the governments' official view of events being the only thing you can access easily. Everything they don't want you to see will take longer to load and may even be impossible to access. Either way, it will cost ordinary citizens more to upload information, and activism online is difficult enough. Do we really need it to be expensive as well?

Here's the link to the cartoon.

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