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Friday, June 02, 2006

Bobby Kennedy, Jr. unveils latest hard-hitting Rolling Stone expose - GOP stole 2004 election!

This is it, folks, our moment of truth. If you don't read this article by Bobby Kennedy on the subject of the Republican theft of the 2004 election you are making a huge mistake. (Watch RFK on Tucker Carlson's show - he does very well)

The next thing you absolutely must do, once you've completed the article: CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES and ALL LOCAL NEWSMEDIA! To reach your representatives in Washington, call 1-888-355-3588, and if you don't know their names, give the operator your zipcode. I would also encourage you to call their local district offices in your region, because the folks who man those phones are generally better informed and more trusted by the representatives.

You also need to contact our local media: if they hear from enough constituents they may reference this article. If you still don't think that the theft of an American Presidential election isn't the most important news story in our nation's history, please allow me to take the next few minutes to convince you.


I think nearly everyone can agree that one of the most fundamental aspects of the American character is our shared respect for the value of Fair Play. Our desire for fairness is what provoked the founders to demand "No taxation without representation!" in the days and months following the Boston Tea Party. What you may not know is that that rallying cry was not just a rebuke of the King and his abuses, but also against the abuses of the era's reigning monopolistic corporation, the East India Company, who stood to gain millions thanks to the unfair Stamp Act passed over the opposition of small, independent traders in America. From the very beginning, fairness was the very thing Americans wanted most, and were unable to receive.

We fought and died in great numbers to win this republic away from the greedy King George and his wealthy court of monopolistic bottom feeders. We fought a civil war in part to extend our understanding of fairness to include slaves and their offspring. We fought in the streets of America's largest cities to win an 8-hour day and a forty-hour workweek. We fought and died in the streets of Selma and MOntgomery for the rights of African Americans to vote and have full representation in government. We fought for these things not because we were all in agreement on every aspect of these causes, but because we believed that fairness was our highest virtue. We set aside these United States as a beacon of hope for those suffering masses who had no fairness in their countries. We carved out a system of governance in this country that was designed to ensure that everyone, no matter how limited his or her means at birth, could become something better.

Fair Play is the watchword in this time, when we are mired in an unpopular war and services across the board are seeing savage cuts, once again we are witnessing this fundamental American value being trashed by those at the top, in part to reward their campaign contributors with billion-dollar tax cuts and massive corporate welfare. If we are to find a way out of this mess, it is going to require that we bring back the value of fairness and lift it up to the light for all to see, the way we did during the Civil Rights Movement. The way we did during the first days of the Labor Movement. The way we did all the way back at the founding of this country.

If our elections are insecure, then we cannot ensure the integrity of our vote. And if the integrity of our vote is in question, then the legitimacy of any elected official is totally in doubt. Think of it, those of us in Washington practically lose our minds when the Seahawks get a string of bad calls during the Super Bowl, but when it comes to our vote, we have nothing to say? How dare we call ourselves patriots? How dare we hold ourselves up as some sort of shining example to the rest of the world, when the very system that would ensure that our wishes are upheld are completely in the grip of a gang of thieves who would rather make themselves rich than provide for the secutiry of their own country?

If we don't take up this charge, it is not the Bush administration that we should blame. It is we the people, the very people who, when faced with overwhelming evidence of the theft of our democracy turned their heads and decided to think of prettier things, it is we the people of these United States who will ultimately be responsible for whatever comes our way.

When Fair Play is removed from our list of American values, everything else is up for grabs. What's to stop the next crop of unelected leaders from doing even more damage? What's to stop the next criminal regime from executing terror attacks against our own citizens to justify endless warfare against nations that never attacked us? It worked for Hitler, and he nearly conquered the entire world. Do we want to go down that road?

I don't think so. CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS NOW, at 1-888-355-3588. Your country depends on it. The fate of our entire democracy depends on it. Don't wait. Be a part of the solution, and let's fix this problem once and for all.

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At 1:37 AM, Blogger Nona said...

I got home about 3:30 pm Pacific time today and tuned in to CNN. Wolf Blitzer was talking about the Rolling Stone article, but I only saw the end of the discussion and I don't know how well they reported on it.

Those of us who were paying attention during the 2004 election have been consigned to the looney bin of conspiracy advocates. It's time for this issue to come out in the open. Our democracy is at stake!

Thank you for taking up the cause.

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Vemrion said...

hi TA. My response to your post over at my blog can be found here.


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