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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Free Press Action Alert: Save Net Neutrality!

Save the Internet: Click here

Tell Sen. Cantwell to Support Net Neutrality:

(202) 224-3441 or Toll-free at 1-888-355-3588


Your Senator, Maria Cantwell, will cast a vote this week that could determine the fate of the Internet. The House has already voted to gut Net Neutrality -- the principle that keeps the Internet free and open to all. We cannot allow the same thing happen in the Senate.

Tell Senator Cantwell not to let companies like AT&T and Verizon become gatekeepers on the information superhighway.

Your phone calls actually make a difference. Call now and urge Senator Cantwell to support the bipartisan Snowe-Dorgan Internet Freedom amendment in the Commerce Committee.

Sen. Maria Cantwell
(202) 224-3441

Ask Senator Cantwell to support the Snowe-Dorgan Net Neutrality amendment to the larger Telecom Act (S. 2686). Net Neutrality will prevent the largest phone and cable companies from blocking or slowing access to Web sites that don't pay their added tolls.

More than a million Americans have already voiced their support for Internet Freedom. But companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are spending tens of millions of dollars to drown out the public outcry. Make your voice heard. Call your Senator now:

Sen. Maria Cantwell
(202) 224-3441

Many members haven't yet taken an official position on Net Neutrality -- so it's crucial that they hear from you today.

Thanks for helping Save the Internet.

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press

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If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for the Free Press at:

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