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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sign the petition to hand count the ballots in San Diego's Congressional election!

Just heard Brad Friedman of on Thom Hartmann's show talking about the apparent theft of the Congressional seat in California's 50th district. Turns out that all the voting machines in that county were Diebold machines, and many were even taken home for days or weeks by poll workers! These machines are notorious for being insecure, and yet they were still used. I smell a rat. That's why I signed velvetrevolution's petition for Francine Busby (the Democratic candidate) to challenge the results of the election at least until all the votes can be counted.

Go to to read and sign the petition, and please, send it to everyone you know. The only way to stop the Corporatist theft of our democracy is to challenge it head-on everytime it moves to take away our rights. We have to take a stand, if democracy is to survive. And if we really want to preserve our rights and our nation's fragile democracy, we ought to ensure that no corporations have control over our votes. Go to to learn more and to get involved.

If you live in Pierce County, why not drop County Auditor Pat McCarthy a line and let her know how totally worthless these voting machines and vote tabulators are. We want paper ballots now!

Democracy begins with you! Tag, you're it! (tip of the hat to Thom Hartmann, the closest thing we have to a Franklin Roosevelt at this time)

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