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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Voting reform advocates: come out to explain to Democrats (including our Pierce County Auditor) why voting machines are bad news!

Attention, all Pierce County Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, and anyone else who cares about the integrity of our voting process:

Pierce County Auditor will be speaking to the monthly meeting of the 27th District Democrats, Monday June 26th at 7 PM, in the meeting room of the Downtown Public Library, on Tacoma Avenue South in Tacoma.

Please come armed with the recent Rolling Stone article and any other literature that can explain to the Democrats, and McCarthy if she'll listen, why they should reject these machines and demand a return to hand-counted paper ballots. Paper trails are not enough! These machines can be used to steal votes and do all kinds of shady things, and the auditor has refused to accept until now that they are insecure. I would encourage everyone who knows anything about this to bring everything they've got to this meeting and make their voices heard!

For all the information you're going to need, check out these resources: - latest news and the entire text of Bev Harris's book. - a great organization with an awesome, easily printable factsheet on these issues, available here.

One more thing you can do: pass on this information to everyone you know, including Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Frank Blair (of Equal Time), and any other talk show hosts that have shows in the Northwest. Also, send this information to other activists, reporters and local politicians. If we can fill this room with a host of people oopposed to electronic voting machines, perhaps we can save our county's citizens from that most terrible fate, an insecure democracy.

Democracy needs our help! Get active now!

What: Pat McCarthy, Pierce County Auditor, at 27th District Dems
Where: Downtown Public Library
When: 7 PM, Monday, June 26th

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At 10:18 PM, Blogger franktheliberal said...

Thanks, but I've read all that stuff already. I've visited the websites and heard the experts on the talk shows. Do I think the election was stolen in '00 AND 04? You bet your ass I do. Do I think the diebold AND Sequoia machines can be comprimised ? Again, you bet your ass I do.Do I think Pat is part of some kind of corporate conspiricy? NO. Would I scream and make rude accusations at the auditor if I thought she(or he) would rig an election? You bet your ass I would.

I have been following this dirty story for the last four and a half years. I've seen the video of the kid hacking the software, I've visisted MS Harris' website MANY times, I've read RFK's piece several times AND checked his sources.It's TRUE, all true! You make it sound like you and your group are the only people who READ. Your ham-fisted verbal bleating at Pat only makes you look foolish around people who know her.You are tossing mud-bombs at one of the most honest people I know. I think your efforts would make more sense if you tried to get the MSM to start talking about this issue.But of course, they are part of the conspiricy. Pat is NOT.

By the way. You accused me of being comprimised because our show is funded by the Democrats. LOL! Ya got me there. They give us 50 bucks MOST months.You're going to have to look somewhere else to find a nest of conspirators, I ain't it. My main goal is to do all I can to re-gain a Democratic majority in congress.Why? Let's see...... Who beat back the Gay bashing ammendment in the Senate? Who FINALLY after ten years passed anti-discrimination legislation in this state? Who created Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, minimum wage, Collective bagaining, WIC, AFDC,etc etc? Let's seeeee...... THAT WOULD BE DEMOCRATS! No matter how many mouthfuls of spit you puke out at us, we will continue the fight. If you want to support the Greens, that's kool. There are HOW many Greens in Congress? That would be ZERO!Good luck with your slime job against Pat. But keep in mind, she will count all your votes honestly as well.Sequoia and all.

At 10:30 PM, Blogger Tahoma Activist said...

Frank, jeez, what's the big idea? I am not part of some secretive group of Green Pat-haters. I am someone who understands the drastic seriousness of this situation and want Pat to feel the heat.

I'm not trying to make you look back - I plug your show everywhere I can. I just want this issue to get the respect it deserves. And the questions are: why doesn't Pat want to keep these dangerous companies out of our voting process, and why doesn't she have any grasp of the seriousness of these voting flaws?
Is she the County Auditor or not? Didn't we elect her, those few of us that voted? Don't we have the power to determine whether she wins or loses? I'm not a Republican, never will be. I'm not some loony Communist either. Never will be. But I will be damned if I sit back and watch our democracy be hijacked without raising a friggin stink about it. And Pat is part of the crowd that could actually have a positive effect here. If she doesn't stick her neck out, it means she doesn't really care what happens to us. And to me that's just wrong. I can't influence Sam Reed, or the elections officials in other counties, but I can lean on Pat McCarthy to do the right thing. Give me a break and stop being such a Defensive Democrat.

At 11:08 PM, Blogger franktheliberal said...

I'm only defensive when I'm attacked. I honestly believe that Pat is too busy making it as easy as possible to vote and make sure ALL the votes are counted honestly to be involved in some corporate scheme. Once again, I say with confidence that our elections here in Pierce county are conducted in an honest and fair manner. But it's STILL a free country.(mostly... well there are still SOME freedoms that haven't been taken from us, as the NSA, FBI and the CIA reads this)


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