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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Canadian paper treats 9/11 Truth with respect

I know, you're in shock. But it's true. The reporter just delivers solid facts and insightful commentary of a 9/11 Truth event featuring Steven Jones and James Fetzer.

Here's the choicest excerpt:

One of the most common intuitive problems people have with conspiracy theories is that they require positing such complicated webs of secret actions. If the twin towers fell in a carefully orchestrated demolition shortly after being hit by planes, who set the charges? Who did the planning? And how could hundreds, if not thousands of people complicit in the murder of their own countrymen keep quiet? Usually, Occam's razor intervenes.

Another common problem with conspiracy theories is that they tend to impute cartoonish motives to "them" -- the elites who operate in the shadows. The end result often feels like a heavily plotted movie whose characters do not ring true.

Then there are other cognitive Do Not Enter signs: When history ceases to resemble a train of conflicts and ambiguities and becomes instead a series of disinformation campaigns, you sense that a basic self-correcting mechanism of thought has been disabled. A bridge is out, and paranoia yawns below.

Steven Jones's contribution to the Sept. 11 conspiracy movement is that he avoids these problems -- or at least holds them at bay -- by just talking about physics.

Like many others in the movement, Mr. Jones sees a number of "red flags" in the way the buildings fell. Why did the towers collapse at speeds close to the rate of free fall? Why did they fall straight down, instead of toppling over? Why did World Trade Center 7, a 47-story high-rise that was never hit by a plane, suddenly collapse in the same fashion -- fast and straight down -- on the evening of Sept. 11?

If only we could get this kind of reporting every time 9/11 Truthers had an event in the US.

9/11 Truth

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