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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Citizens of Western Washington: Protest Norm Dicks and the Oman Free Trade Agreement!

This is an urgent action alert from America in Solidarity, your Tacoma-based workers' advocacy group devoted to improving the lives of America's working families:

This Thursday from Noon to 1 PM, we are calling all labor activists and other concerned citizens to rally together outside the office of Congressman Norm Dicks.

Sign up for the rally here to give us an idea of how many folks will be coming:

Norm Dicks has never seen a Free Trade Agreement he didn't like, even though NAFTA and now CAFTA have led to increased illegal immigration, a collapsing national economy, a ballooning trade deficit with China, Mexico, and other countries, and the rapidly approaching meltdown of our nation's infrastructure.

Norm Dicks thinks you're stupid. So now it's your chance to prove him wrong and oppose this latest outrage: the Oman Free Trade Agreement.

Meet up with us at 12 Noon, this Thursday, July 20th, and raise some hell for the working people of America and the world!

Creativity is encouraged: bring your own sign, wear a pirate costume, or come up with your own innovative ideas. Power to the People!

Also, contact Norm Dicks directly and let him know what you think of this latest outrage. Check his website here, or call him at 1-888-355-3588.

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