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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hundreds of Macy's workers go on strike

This just in from IndyBay - San Francisco:

Hundreds of Macy's workers went on a one-day strike on Saturday, marching and chanting "Don't Shop Macy's" in front of all entrances to the two Macy's stores on Union Square.

As usual in these sorts of situations, management is playing hardball, planning to press charges against any workers that made a public disturbance. Do all your brothers and sisters a favor and call or email management and let them know that you refuse to shop at Macy's until they give all their workers a decent contract.

Robert Mettler, CEO, Macy's West

Becky Canfield
, Director of Stores

Lori Rubel-Randolph
, VP & General Manager

Organized Labor, National News

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