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Friday, July 14, 2006

It's official: Ed Schultz is a Zionist

Ed Schultz is always pissing me off. I tell myself I won't listen to him anymore, but then he drags me back. I'm a letter carrier by day, so I have to listen to something, and NPR is even more frustrating, since EVERY personality there is pro-Israel, not just the hosts. At least on Ed's show, a few callers get through that actually read newspapers and understand what's really going on. A great caller called in and tried to explain the history behind what led to this invasion, namely the relentless assault on the Palestinian people by the Israeli military.

Ed totally blew her off, and refused to listen to reason. He even said "where are you getting your facts?" as if he doesn't get his facts right from AIPAC and Joe Lieberman. But I don't think that Ed is an ideological Zionist, like many folks over on NPR. I think that he "follows the news" as he says in his own words, which basically means that he follows the lead of the corporate media, 90% of which is radically right-wing. And when every single Democratic Senator consistently supports "Israel's right to defend itself", you know Ed is gonna go right along with them. I don't blame Ed for being a bloodthirsty warmonger, I blame him for being a lazy news consumer. The truth is that, when it comes to the nation of Israel, the news we get is absolutely 100 percent the Israeli establishment's official party line. There is no discernible difference. We never hear on CNN, for example, about the shelling of innocent civilians on a Gaza Strip beach that happened a week before the re-invasion of Gaza by the IDF. We never heard on MSNBC about the kidnapping of a doctor and his brother by IDF forces just days before this latest invasion of Lebanon.

Imagine if a group of Mexican gang members kidnapped a couple Border Patrol agents and went into hiding in Mexico. Would we use that as a pretext to bomb Mexico's largest airport? Or to blow up fuel tanks at their largest power plant? Or blow up an old hospital and claim it's a terrorist training camp? The force that Israel is using against the innocent civilians of Gaza and now Lebanon is totally not commensurate with the crimes that have been committed against them. And for us to defend them, under the guise of defending our ally's right "to defend herself", is totally morally bankrupt. The fact is that Israel is now, and has always been, a European colony in which non-Jews cannot be represented in Parliament. In which Palestinian territory is seized under the guise of "security" and won't ever be returned "until Hamas totally disarms". Can you imagine if we invaded Mexico and refused to return the choicest land until every Mexican gang member turned in their guns? It's laughable, and should be denounced by every thinking American.

But that's just my opinion. Don't take my word for it - see what Dahr Jamail, who is there now, thinks of the situation. He's the independent journalist I interviewed a few months back, and he just went back to Iraq, with a short detour to see what's going on in Lebanon. Incidentally, that's where his family came from originally. I'm quite sure he's none too happy about this latest invasion.

Hezbollah may really be provoking this to build up their own reputation, and if so, my apologies to the people of Israel. But I just think that this sort of retaliation against civilians can never be justified. And that's the word.

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