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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Phony Dem War Party Plan to Steer Away 9/11 In DC Effort

This is an urgent message from Cathy Garger of 9/11 Truth, regarding the upcoming festivities in Washington D.C. during the week of September 11th:

I wish I had it in me right now to write about this. Hoping one of you will do so for me? There's just too much corruption, too much disinformation, and not enough people who know what is going on to cover it all.

Mind-boggling, isn't it, how liberals buy right into this baloney! Let's all hold hands in Washington, DC over September 11 and sing, "If I had a hammer," right along with all the well-paid federal 'minders' who surround Cindy Sheehan's every move.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love that lady. They just don't come any better than Casey's Mom! As I see it, Cindy Sheehan's one of the very strongest, bravest Americans who's ever lived. After all, she can not help it if every step she makes, every move she makes is uh, carefully guided, shall we say? She can not help it that CODE PINK and all the rest of the "peace groups" won't even DISCUSS the lies that led up to the War On Afghanistan. Remember Afghanistan, boys and girls? You know, the "other" war?

Lies told as justification for Iraq are A-OK. That W is a Bad, Bad Man for telling us about WMDs being in Iraq, thanks to that nasty Saddam. Woops! No. We in Liberal La La Land can't talk about our nation's own use of WMD's (Deadly Uranium or DU). And Afghanistan? Hmmm... Bad, Bad Osama! Or, uh, whoever-it-was (some Bad, Bad Muslim terr'ists) who did those nasty attacks. We don't need to know any silly little details about who did 9/11, however. Who cares if several of the hijackers are still very much ALIVE? No sense looking for Bin Laden either anymore, says the CIA! And on its Most Wanted Terrorist list the FBI states flat out that it doesn't want him for the attacks of 9/11, either!

Why? Oh, Afghanistan's just a teeny, tiny, little bitty baby war. Trivial business. Not too many soldiers dead there. Look over there! Where? Over there! Anywhere but Afghanistan! Let's just focus on Iraq and hope and pray we can get America to forget that Afghanistan's even happening!

Somebody please, please wake me up when September ends?

Rick Siegel puts out his 9/11-9/18 week in DC: .

No sooner does he do that than every registered Dem in the nation (practically) gets an email telling us that everybody who is EVERYBODY is coming to DC during the 5 year anniversary of 9/11, but oh, um, NOT for the purposes of 9/11. No no no. Don't be silly. We don't TALK about 9/11 in these controlled groups! If The Nation and The Progressive and Democracy Now and Daily Kos and talks about non-flying terr'ist non-flying pilots who took down 3 skyscrapers with only a few small fires and only 2 planes? Then, by George W, we believe it!

Look carefully ... It is the five-year anniversary of the mass murder attacks of 9/11/01. Do YOU see anything about 9/11 on this list? Uh, maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place? Uh,, can you tell me what's *wrong* with this picture?

Let's re-name this effort, shall we? Instead of, why don't they just call themselves Sure, they wave the peace flag, but have any of them noticed that they all voted just about unanimously for one war spending appropriation bill after the next ever since October, 2001?

Seriously, Rick and friends. Looks like they've already got ALL the details and permits that any limited hang out false resistance effort could ever want! Maybe we should write and thank for doing all the work *for* the 9/11 Truth activists?

So predictable. Right out of the manual: Psyops 101 - How to Create A Diversion and Distract Those Who Might Be In DC To Do Something Actually Useful Over the Weeks Leading Up To And After 9/11, the Five Year Anniversary Of Our Most Successful False Flag Terror Attack Yet.

Yeah, I'd say we need to be in Washington, DC from September 8 - 21. And we certainly won't be bringing candles and singing Kumbaya with, that's for dang sure.

Camp 9/11 Truth is FED UP: Washington, DC - September 8 to 11 - Each and every single person in this nation who knows that 9/11 was an inside job must fly, drive, ride, skate, or crawl to the nation's capital. And bring lots and lots of 9/11 Truth fliers and DVDs, large white poster board, long cardboard tubes, masking tape, thick black markers, bottles of water, and comfy walking shoes.

Non-delusional informed America, we have a job to do. Your mission: Wake up America, one delusional liberal at a time. Be there or be square, activists for the Real TRUTH about 9/11. Your nation is calling you and only you, the enlightened, can answer the call to service.

Permission to forward to anyone who suspects that the 9/11 official story stinks even worse than the bat droppings in Osama's musty cave.

Cathy Garger:
Veterans for 9/11 Truth:
Scholars for 9/11 Truth:

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