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Friday, July 14, 2006

Thank you, Joji from Tacoma! The Oman Free Trade Agreement must be protested by everyone!

Special thanks goes out to Joji from Tacoma, a student, activist, and future nurse who just called into the Thom Hartmann show during Thom's "Brunch with Bernie" segment. He referenced the Oman Free Trade Agreement, which will send even more jobs and treasure to an anti-democratic country that has BANNED labor unions.

We need to fight this in the streets, in order to awaken the consciousness of our free-trading member of Congress, Norm Dicks (D-WA,Belfair). As the Education Director for Tacoma-based working families' advocacy group, America in Solidarity, I'm responsible for waking people up to the importance of labor unions and
pro-working families public policy. This is a perfect opportunity to advance this debate forward. In my work with the Pierce County Central Labor Council, as a delegate from the National Association of Letter Carriers, I am often frustrated when it comes to putting our support behind such free-trading politicians like Maria Cantwell and Norm Dicks (not to give Patty Murray a pass, who voted for CAFTA). It is largely due to the fairly fearful nature of the AFL-CIO on this free trade issue that America in Solidarity was created.

I want to welcome Joji, and any other would-be activists to join us in preparing some kind of response to this latest outrage. Our office phone number is
(253)471-1123 - call there and leave a message for our Executive Board to hear - if you make clear how opposed you are to free trade, you may be able to help us take the lead on. You may also comment here, or email me at to help me make something happen as well.

Free Trade is destroying our national sovereignty, increasing illegal immigration, rapidly increasing our trade deficit and destroying our national infrastructure. We have to fight it every time it rears its head, whether we win or lose. Adam Smith was convinced to vote correctly on CAFTA precisely because groups such as AIS and Jobs With Justice refused to give him a pass. Norm Dicks chose to vote with the Republican Party on CAFTA, but perhaps we can change his mind this time, if enough of us get out into the streets and turn up the heat. Call everyone you know who cares about this issue. Contact Hong Tran and see what she wants to do in response. Call Aaron Dixon and other Greens to see what their perspective is. Perhaps we can even put together a large event right outside Dicks' office, to highlight the importance of battling these ridiculous trade deals.

We can do it, if enough of us get out there and make it happen. Who's with me?

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In case you missed this.

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