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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bush calls us the Democrat Party - call your Senators and tell them you're pissed!

Well I never thought I'd see this. President Bush pulls a Joe McCarthy on national television, calling the Party of Jefferson "the DemoCRAT Party." I was pissed, so I called the White House and told the guy just what I thought of this move. He seemed pretty upset with me when I told him the President is in for a war if he keeps this up. I have no problem with calling them one of these colorful names:

The Republi-CONS
The Republi-CAN'T Party
The Re-PUBE-licans (a little nod to Clarence Thomas)
or how about what Sam Seder calls them, the RAPE-ublicans?

I then called my two Senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and told them I'd like to hear them push back on this, either declaring that they are offended at the President's clear deception, or by calling the Republicans the Republi-CONS. The staffer at Patty Murray's office thought it was pretty funny, while the staffer at Cantwell's office didn't seem to care.

Follow my lead! Call your Senators and complain! We have a right to be treated with respect by our Fascist Commander-in-Thief! Call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-888-355-3588 and ask foryour Senators. If you don't know their names, give the operator your State, and he or she will connect you.


(Special thanks to Thom Hartmann for cluing me into this!)
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