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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chicago City Council approves Living Wage Ordinance - follow their lead!

It's time for every red-blooded American patriot to do his or her part, to get the numbers together, to rush their city councils and force them to take up this phenomenally important resolution! The Chicago City Council did what no other big city council has had the courage to do, compel big-box retailers to do the right thing by their employers.

Learn all about it at America in Solidarity's website, where you can find a link to the exact language of the resolution for immediate implementation by your city council or town hall. This is the most critically necessary act you will undertake all year, except perhaps working to elect candidates who have pledged to impeach President Bush and Darth Cheney, for their myriad crimes against humanity.

Here's a short post about it from a blogger in Chicago:

Categories: Organized Labor, Workers' Rights

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