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Friday, August 11, 2006

Lebanon in ruins

Here's the latest from independent journalist, Dahr Jamail, reporting from the crucible that is the Middle East. In this piece, he points out the obvious effect of this bombing campaign, the radicalization of the entire Arab world.

When this war finally ends, the societal, economic, and environmental destruction will undoubtedly be staggering -- it already is -- as well as long-lasting; but it will pale in comparison to the psychological damage which has already been done. Rather than sowing the seeds of a future peace, it's painfully clear to an observer that the seeds of everlasting bloodshed, resentment, and resistance are now sprouting amid the ruins.

Though it seems obvious to most liberals that this would be the natural reaction to having your country bombed into oblivion, I would encourage you to read Dahr's reporting and learn more clearly just how devastating this assault has been.

To read more of his work, go to

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