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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Tahoma Progressive Media Conference - bloggers unite!

Washington State Bloggers, I challenge you, to come to the rough-and-tumble city of Tacoma on Saturday, October 7th and join the party as we develop brand new media in several different fields. As the lead operator in the Internet/blogging category, I am in charge of delivering a ashowstopping explanation as to why everyone and her mother should have a blog, and just what they can do for our community, if everyone is connected.

I've already convinced one member of the group, Tilter, to put a toe in the water. Perhaps more will be following his lead. I hope that every blogger worth his salt in the South Sound (or even curious King County bloggers) will come and make this an event to remember.

The Curse of Western Culture is tentatively set to open the event, and my man Geov Parrish will be breaking down why we need independent media so badly. And Suzanne Swift's mom has said she'll be there, which means this event has got a little something for everyone. After the speakers, working groups in several different fields, including documentary film, public access TV, and community radio! If you care about politics, and you care about community, then you owe it to yourself to come to the Tahoma Progressive Media Conference!

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