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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Washington Workers: protest the Republican Congress!

Andrew at Northwest Progressive Institute reports on the latest Republican outrage:

HR 5970, which has passed the House and is now heading to the U.S. Senate, contains two cynical provisions inserted by Republicans serving their corporate masters:

* Permanent cuts to the estate tax for very wealthy estates - exempting up to
$5 million per person or $10 million per couple
* Invalidation of state laws providing a minimum wage for restaurant and
other tipped employees, a provision that will affect thousands of workers
here in Washington

HR 5970 hurts the thousands of workers in our state who receive tips by invalidating our state law that sets the minimum hourly wage for tipped employees at the same minimum wage as all other employees. Washington is one of only seven states with such a law. Not surprisingly, though, Washington’s 3 Republicans - Dave Reichert, Doc Hastings, and Cathy McMorris - voted for HR 5970.

The Washington State Labor Council reports that this bill will cut the pay of workers in our state who earn tips by as much as $5.50 an hour.

Join hundreds of workers and fellow Democrats at tomorrow's rally to protest this despicable bill and demand a fair minimum wage bill.

When: TOMORROW, Wednesday, August 2nd at 2:15 PM
Where: Seattle Center - Intersection of Taylor and John at the base of the Space Needle
Who Will Speak: Congressman Jay Inslee (WA-01), Congressional candidate Darcy Burner (WA-08), Rick Bender, Washington State Labor Council

If you live in Washington, please CALL Senators Murray (206-553-5545) and Cantwell (206-220-6400) and ask them to oppose this bill! (While you're at it, please also ask Senator Murray to come out in favor Net Neutrality.)

Here's the PI's coverage of the bill.

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