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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Election Thread Wrapup

Tuesday's Open Thread went okay, with two comments (including one from me) Richard Anderson-Connolly stopped by, from the Yes on Proposition Three Campaign -

I am hoping that more folks will come by next Tuesday and every Tuesday for the next two months. The more folks that communicate their concerns about voting and election issues, the more likely we will be to solve our problems in these areas.

One thing I think would help is to make all voting days Holidays, with employers mandated to give eight hours leave to their employees. Along with public financing of elections and Instant Runoff Voting, I think that would make voting hugely popular in this country.

Who doesn't love to get days off from work? And just like Labor Day, Voting Day would be a chance for lovers of Democracy to spread the word about its importance.

See you next Tuesday!

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At 11:44 AM, Blogger Tilter said...

I strongly agree, I especially would like to see Public Financing for elections and days off would be great too. I was making phone calls for two candidates in my precinct who are running for State Representative; Tami Green and Troy Kelly. One person I called said he won't vote in the primary because he has to declare his party.


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