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Friday, September 15, 2006

Mexico's Obrador calling for a parallel government to serve the people

Looks like Revolution is brewing down South of the border, and I must say, it's about friggin' time. Folks on the Left have been moaning about the poor treatment of Mexican immigrants by our government and folks on the Right have been whining about illegal immigrants; meanwhile, both are symptoms of the oligarchies that dominate Mexican politics, and which have their champions in the PRI like Fox and Calderon. Now Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador is calling for a parallel government to truly represent the people, something which bears an uncanny resemblance to something I called for over a year ago right here on my blog, The American Peoples' Congress.

Let's hope that this experiment comes to pass. I hope and pray that it does. The poor people of Mexico need leaders that will serve their interests, not the wealthy elites and foreign corporations that presently dominate their daily lives.

If this parallel government in Mexico works out, perhaps we should consider starting one here. Who knows? It's not like it would be worse than what we have right now.

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