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Monday, September 04, 2006

TNT prints pro-worker column! Send in your gracious responses

Amazingly, the Tacoma News Tribune has printed a pro-worker column. Thank you, Kathleen Merryman!

I would encourage all of you to do like me and send in a thank-you letter, and encourage the editors to do more stories and columns about ordinary working people. This is what it takes to build a movement. Do it today.

Kudos to Kathleen Merryman for her column on the dignity of labor.

What a wonderful piece to wake up to on the one day a year in which all workers are celebrated, Laboer Day. I hope that more people do as Kathleen has done,
reaching out to those workers who are clearly going above and beyond: the janitors who work in silence despite suffering chronic pain, the babysitters caring for our difficult children, the electricians working in dangerous conditions, the clerks at the supermarket who smile and ask about us even when they have so much on their minds, these are the heroes of our daily lives.

Let Hollywood have its glamorous affairs, let the world of pop music enjoy its wild parties, and let us have the world of the real, where men and women share kindness and friendship, working in dignity side by side.

This Labor Day, think of your mailman, your receptionist, and everyone else who struggles to earn a living in this difficult time. May we all get paid what we deserve, and have the benefits that strong unions and good public policy provide.

Jeff Richardson
Education Director
America in Solidarity

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