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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Urgent message for all US Senators: Stand up for the Constitution and oppose the torture bill!

Call Your Senators! Toll-free number: 1-866-808-0065

As Thom Hartmann explains in this brilliant recent piece on, the Republicans have made a phony show of opposition to the President on this upcoming torture bill.

The Tacoma News Tribune just printed this piece by yours truly today about why I think this whole thing is happening the way it is.

But this is about more than just politics, though that's part of it. This situation is about the President and the Republican Party attempting to enshrine into US law the idea that certain Presidents have certain far-reaching powers to combat what they call terrorism, during periods of national crisis. Because this so-called crisis is likely to never be called off, at least by Republicans, we need to demand that this law not be passed.

Because Republicans stopped listening to their constituents six years ago, that means we have to put the pressure on the "loyal" opposition, the Democratic Senators that have been rolling over as a bloc for the last six years. Our own "fearless" Senator, Senator Cantwell, currently in the midst of a reelection campaign, is one of those Senators who may just see the writing on the wall, if enough of us stand up and let her know how terrified we are that this insane bill might affect us personally. If she knows that her friends on the Left would not only vote for the Green candidate in this upcoming election, but might even support him actively, she might be persuaded to do the right thing here.

Other Senators, if prodded by their constituents, might also take this stand, if enough of us pick up the phone and call our legislators. The number for the Capital Switchboard is, toll free: 1-866-808-0065

Please call that number, ask for your Senator, and give them a piece of your mind.

You can also follow my lead and write letters to the editor. Here's the contact form for the Tacoma News Tribune. If you live somewhere else, google your news sources and let them know how you feel about this incredibly important issue.

Giving up habeas corpus for detainees is like handing the President of the United States the keys to an imperial throne he need never step out of. If he can pick people up without taking them before a judge, he can do it to you. And that is a very scary proposition.

Do the right thing. Write your legislators. Call them on the phone (1-866-808-0065). Do something crazy to get their attention. Just don't let them pass this lunatic bill. Here's the link to Amnesty International's action page for this effort.

For the sake of our democracy, do what you can to preserve our fundamental human rights. If we make enough noise on this, we may just save our country's future.

Personally, I will vote for and endorse Aaron Dixon, Green Party candidate for US Senate in Washington State, unless Senator Cantwell takes a stand on this issue and does not, I repeat, does not vote for cloture in a filibuster of this bill. For those who don't know what cloture is (or filibuster, for that matter), check out this piece at wikipedia about that.

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