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Friday, September 01, 2006

Vote yes on Prop 3 and say "No!" to the Pick-a-Party system

This is it, Pierce County voters: Proposition Three gives you the power to reject the Pick-a-Party ballot with a new form of voting. Instant-runoff voting, also known as ranked choice voting, will revolutionize our democracy.

No longer will we have to pick the most established Democrat or Republican and hope they advance to the next round. Now we can focus on voting for candidates that we respect and admire, regardless of party affiliation. If there are those of us who want to get involved in the nitty-gritty of party caucuses, we can do that, but the General election will be the best place to divide the weak from the strong. By allowing us to pick more than one candidate, in ranked order of preference, it gives We the People more power to decide who we want in office.

And don't We the People deserve a little more power, in the days of NSA wiretaps and illegal occupations?

If you like the concept, and want to support it, why not go to the Yes On Three endorsements page and add your name to the list?

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