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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Workers of Washington Speak Out!

Hey folks, if you work for a living and you want a way to make your voice heard, then come on over to America in Solidarity's new Forums page. This is where we're going to be discussing all the issues that really matter for working families, and it will be a place where all viewpoints are heard. America in Solidarity wants to know what it's members are thinking, and all working people and their family members are invited to join the discussion.

You are special, because you are an American, with certain rights that no government or corporation should be able to take away. America in Solidarity cares about you, and wants to ensure that the government of the United States does right by you and your family. Come join the conversation already in progress, and help us help you, by changing our government's leaders and restoring our democracy.

Isn't it about damn time we had effective, sensible leaders in America? And isn't it about time you had a say in the policies they promote? America in Solidarity is your chance to do just that. So come on, sign up, and together, let's change the world.

Organized Labor, Local Groups, Your Views

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