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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Aaron Dixon arrested - debate is weaker for it

Well, the Man chose to exclude Aaron Dixon from the televised debates last night, opting instead to have him arrested and carted off the premises in a police cruiser.

Here are some links to blogs and/or news sites that wrote about the incident:

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All I can say is, "Go Aaron, Go Aaron!" This is a war, people. A war against the poor and the middle class of this country, and a war against human life and a sustainable economy in Iraq. Maria Cantwell actually highlighted in her closing statement her pride in voting for CAFTA for God sakes. The woman doesn't give a damn about the ordinary farmer, or the ordinary Washingtonian. She cares about one thing: money.

I say let's all rush the next one, and flush this whole steaming mainstream media crap-fest down the toilet bowl.

And how about those questioners? Was every single one of them from the establishment media? Yes. Not one college radio host or independent media professional. This is why Americans vote in such pathetically poor numbers. They don't trust the process to be fair and open.

All I can really say is thank you to Bruce Guthrie, for having the stones to put his house on the line to get into that debate. Hopefully he peels some votes off both candidates.

As for Aaron, I'd like to know if they kept him overnight, and if so, have they turned him over to the CIA and is he halfway to Syria by now?

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