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Friday, October 06, 2006

Aaron Dixon campaign comes to Tacoma!

Special thanks to Tom McCarthy of the Progressive Roundtable for this update:

Come support Aaron's message of "Out of the war...and into the community" this Saturday at 2-4 PM.

Mike of the Visibility Project is coming down to Tacoma to help us kick off a month of doorbelling for social justice in Hilltop. Now this project has banners, a sound system, and signs, but it needs a few good volunteers to bring this event to life. This means you!

So October 7th, from 2-4 PM at 6th & Sprague, come wave a sign and pass out flyers to get out Aaron Dixon's message. Your presence will make a real difference because it will start to create a buzz that Aaron's on the Hill and people will be expecting us in the coming weeks when we're doorbelling in the neighborhoods.

Busy Saturday? Come out Sunday at 2 PM to doorbell for Aaron. We're meeting at 801 S. Cushman Ave. for a brief training and then into the neighborhood. Our experience has been that people are interested in Aaron record of fighting for justice, back in the day with the Seattle chapter of the Panthers or for the past 40 years with at-risk youth. So help get Aaron's message of social justice out this Sunday or on the three following weekends. Call the number below to sign up.

Also, there will be a "Meet Aaron Dixon" event on Thursday, October 19th from 6-8 PM at the People's Community Center (MLK & 16th.)

So come out and get Aaron's message out there. Check or call (253) 250-9290 for further information on the Dixon campaign in Tacoma.

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