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Monday, October 16, 2006

Civil Rights Attorney wins her freedom

The war sure isn't over, but in this battle, Lynne Stewart came out on top. The judge gave her a light sentence, which in my opinion is way too harsh for what she is alleged to have done (served as a communications hub for terrorist detainees), but it's way better than what she could have got, which was thirty years in the pokey.

Considering she's out on bail awaiting appeal, this is very good news for democracy and the rule of law, not to mention Lynne and her friends and family.

And the progressive movement for change in this country should rejoice. It's not every day we get a victory like this one. Every honest defender of human rights not locked up in prison is a champion for the causes we all believe in able to continue using their voices and their bodies to effect change. I would urge everyone reading this post to go to Democracy Now! and read the transcript of her interview today, or watch and/or listen to the interview yourself. This woman is truly one of the good guys.

And for John Ashcroft and "Torture Boy" Gonzalez and the rest of these autocratic assclowns, I hope they lose every important case in the courts from here until the fall of the House of Bush.

If you, like me, are glad this courageous woman is still a free woman, why not drop her a line and tell her how proud you are of her for defending those who cannot defend themselves? She'd love to hear from you. You can also go to her website at

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