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Friday, October 27, 2006

Help elect a progressive legislature with Progressive Majority!

This is the text of an email I just received from Progressive Majority. If you've never heard of them, they're a great organization working to build a progressive movement that gets working family friendly legislators elected around the country. You really need to read this message and respond by getting involved. Of course, Progressive Majority is a direct competitor to my organization, America in Solidarity, by I'm okay with a little competition, as long as it results in folks getting involved in the political process. Check it out, and get active. Your democracy requires it!

Have a few hours to help Washington Progressives?

Dear Jeff,

Do you have a few extra hours to spare?

It is only 11 days to Election Day and our Progressive Majority candidates need your help TODAY!

This Election is in Your Hands… Volunteer today!
People make the critical difference in politics and we need your help to achieve a Progressive Majority!

Are you willing to give a few hours to help our candidates? Making phone calls? Doorbelling? Passing out literature? We can accommodate day and evening schedules.

And, we can plug you in wherever you live - in Seattle, the peninsula, the Eastside, Spokane, Vancouver, or other communities statewide.

Please call us today at (206) 443-5566 or email to help.

Why We Can't Go Back
The last time the state senate was controlled by the conservatives-

* They cut 40,000 children of state-run health care;
* They gutted the state's unemployment system;
* They passed a charter school bill; and
* They filed no fewer than 13 bills to decimate the state's minimum wage.

We must fight to protect the gains progressives have made in Washington since 2003-2004 and continue to expand our opportunities to make progress. With more progressives in office and in leadership, we can have the kind of government in Washington that reflects our values:

* Progressives will provide women birth control and the morning-after pill;
* Progressives will expand the basic health plan to cover all children;
* Progressives will develop creative solutions around health care;
* Progressives will clean-up the Puget Sound;
* Progressives will finally change the supermajority requirement on school levies – and much more!

Call us today at (206) 443-5566 or email if you can help. We'll help get you placed where you can do the most good.

Dean M. Nielsen
Washington State Director
Progressive Majority

Help Us Build a Progressive Majority: We're building a progressive network of candidates, activists and friends. Tell five friends about Progressive Majority's work and email list and help us build the movement across the country!

Support Progressive Majority: Progressive Majority is on the ground, working with progressive candidates and campaigns to make sure they have the skills and knowledge to win! Your support of Progressive Majority can make all the difference in ensuring we have qualified candidates running for office.

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At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Nathe Lawver of Tacoma said...

I think that PM is not a direct competition to your group.

PM is more about money. AIS is more about people power.

But between the two there are different types of people drawn into the political process, which is ultimately good.

At 6:41 AM, Blogger Tahoma Activist said...

Thanks for posting, Nathe, and I agree with you. America in Solidarity is totally different from most of what's out there, which is why I love it. However, Progressive Majority does great work with the money they do have, and it sure would be nice to have even half as much to work with - ha ha!

Either way, whether it's people power or people cash, the main point is we're both working to elect people that actually understand the needs of working families. And that's what is really required in today's depressing economic climate.


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