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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oaxaca rebellion continues - you can help your fellow workers!

The following are realtime updates from Wobblies in Oaxaca State in Mexico, where the APPO (Popular People's Assembly of Oaxaca) has taken over buildings and formed their own mini-civil society, under siege by paramilitary and military forces. If you can, please consider sending some money to help in this effort, and tell everyone you know what's happening down there:

From Wobbly in Oaxaca

probably, we think, because at about 4 pm military helicopters started circling over Oaxaca's centro, and now I heard two jets have passed over. It makes sense. Sunday morning is probably the one time of the week the locals aren't out on the streets, and, besides, everyone knows what's going to happen. They were here for the "desalojo" on June 14.

Of course, they could just be trying to scare us, which they try to do every time they launch a few rounds at us at the barricades, at night, or when the PRI's plainclothes, speed-addicted mercenaries beat up some locals (but blame it on the "terrorists" -- ie, the striking teachers and assembly (appo memnbers)), or shove companeros into a car, put a bag over their heads, and say they're going to kill them.

Things aren't quite so tense during the day (and, in fact, life in the Oaxaca Commune is fantastic, in general), but the pulse of the city changed when the helicopters started to circle (and divebomb) today. I'm attaching a photo of some of the "terrorists" occuping the central city, so you have a better idea.

Four indigenous women are running the CIPO house now, and none of them drive, so, hilariously, I'm one of the main "choferes," and today when the helicopters came we rushed to the zocalo to pick up two Mixe women who are staying at the house who wanted to sell some pillowcases and shirts. We figured they'd be terrified. They may have been, but they didn't show it.

It's already dark. We're off soon.

Abrazos combativos,

II. Firefight at the Camino Real

Well, they had guns at least, and fired around 40 shots at us (a group of about 100, mostly Oaxacans) who had just taken, occupied, and searched a fancy hotel in central Oaxaca City. There may have been some shots from our side, but most of us -- unprepared for the news that the hated governor might actually be *inside* Oaxaca City, and *inside* this hotel -- had only thick sticks, expropriated police billy clubs, or just a little solidarity in our hearts.

The result: two wounded (on our side), several beaten (on our side), and two kidnapped (first quickly beaten, then shoved into cars). The battle took maybe 1 minute.

After we had occupied the hotel, we had decided (democratically, assembly-style, because that{s how most things are decided in this leaderless movement) to kick out the guests and close up the hotel. It was then that someone several yards from me saw the politicians and their paramilitaries try to escape from a side door. We gave chase. And that{s when they started shooting. Some, perhaps more familiar with the pinging and whizzing of bullets around them (or perhaps simply a lot braver than I), stayed near or took cover right there. Most of us, including me, ran the other way and took cover when the bullets started coming.

Neighborhood assemblies have been constructing and coordinating barricades in their neighborhoods and towns throughout the state. I{ve been to a couple of the main APPO (Popular People's Assembly of Oaxaca), the "coalition," you might call it, that is the heart of this popular rebellion) as an IWW delegate, and the breadth of the democratic spirit here is incredible.

Many APPO folks, on strike and at the occupations and barricades, and many many many Oaxacans, are going hungry. It's been almost 4 months now.

Abrazos combativos,

"Kandahar" wrote:

Keep your eyes on Oaxaca.

The people in the popular movement against the government are in immediate risk of assault.

After three days of strong rumors that the police are on their way, today several military helicopters pulled into Oaxaca, circling the zocalo and unloading at the airport. The current rumors are that as many as 30,000 police and military units have arrived from Veracruz and Puebla.

The People of Oaxaca are preparing.

For those that wish to, here are some addresses and phone numbers which you may voice your protests or concerns.

EX -Gobernador del Estado de Oaxaca.:

Secretaria de Gobierno del Estado de Oaxaca: Tel. (951) 5153175, 5157490:,

A la Comisión Estatal de Derechos Humanos de Oaxaca para presionarlos y no solape:

Tel. 044 951 104 43 06 o envíe un mensaje al: 512-90-20 clave 956, Fax: (951)
513-5185, 513-5191, 513-5197,

Presidente: Vicente Fox Quesada email:,,

Telefonos (55) 50911100 y (55)151794

Secretario de gobernación: Carlos Abascal Carranza. Telefono (00-52) 5-55-546 Email

Procurador General de la República: Cabeza de Vaca. Teléfono (00 53) 4 60 904

Also call your local government representatives, the Mexican Embassy of the US, and
whoever you feel like...

From: "Wolf"
IWW Needs Financial Assistance in Oaxaca

From IWW-GEB Chairperson


FW "Hill", in Oaxaca, has sent to me and FW "Grodin" his bank account information
with Citizens Bank. For those that wish to send him money directly for food,
as people are running low, please get in touch (I'll connect you) and if I know you, I'll give you
his account info.

Best thing to me would be to go to a Citizens Bank on Sunday, so that money will
be available more or less immediately. I would imagine there would be no
problems sending him money for food by filling out a deposit slip and
depositing cash into his account.

Here is a branch locator to see where branches are open on Sundays:

Solidarity, "Wolf"

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