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Monday, November 06, 2006

Cantwell breezes into town, speaks, then bolts

I just attended my first Cantwell event, and boy was that a letdown. The woman may be a consistent Democratic vote in the Senate, but she is not that interesting to listen to. Christine Gregoire was much more fiery.

By the way, the petition calling for an end to the violence against the people of Oaxaca is still building signatures. Please take the time to sign it here. We will be delivering these signatures to our candidates very soon.

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At 6:34 AM, Blogger Jeffrey Richardson said...

Spitintheocean came by to blame me for Cantwell's win - I never supported Maria Cantwell. I always supported her challengers. Even when I was at the same event she was at, I didn't care about her lame speech. I was there representing America in Solidarity, and hoping that I could get her and her staff to read the petition for the people of Oaxaca, which everyone should sign, by the way.

Cantwell will be a decent Senator in the new Democratic majority, but as long as she supports free trade, she will not have my support.


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