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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flying while Muslim

I can't believe it. Racial Profiling Week continues here in the birthplace of religious tolerance, the good old US of A. Here's the scoop, according to

This is absolutely disgusting to me. I can't believe an airline can do this and not face massive pressure to fire the people responsible. I hope US Airways loses money over this, because interrogating people simply because a fellow passenger felt "uncomfortable" is totally 100 percent racist, totally stupid and totally not helping us win the so-called "War on Terror".

You know what would help us win the war on terror? Winning the respect and admiration of our own citizens. That might be a good starting point. Then from there we could move on to citizens in other countries, who might be under the mistaken impression that we're all a bunch of racist, fascist islamophobes who blame every Muslim on the planet for every person who's ever died in a freakin' plane crash in the last twenty years.

What the f***? This country is totally 100 percent f***** up, and our President, if he wasn't just as much of a racist piece of s*** as these flight attendants would say something on television about how offensive this is.

Come on. Think about it. If you ran an airline, is this the kind of image you want to project to your customers?

"Hey, Habib, if you talk funny we'll kick your rag-wearing ass off our planes, and you can't do s*** about it!"

If I was the CEO of US Airways, I would be all over the bastards that ordered this. I would have somebody's job for this. Somebody would be on administrative leave and I would be telling the world that this is not our corporate policy.

But of course, I don't run a freakin' airline. I'm just a lowly mailman with a chip on his shoulder about racism, classism, sexism and all the other bulls**t that us ordinary working people have to deal with from our "betters" all the freakin' time.

If I was newly elected Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota, I would be taking this opportunity to not only apologize profusely to the men who were detained and forced off the plane, but also to speak directly to the American people. He really should put out a statement about how wrong this is.

Here's the story about the boycott
. Don't fly US Airways!

Here's John from Americablog's take on this situation.

Here's CoolAqua's.

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