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Saturday, November 18, 2006

New RFID passports easily hacked, freedom to travel is threatened

Here's the scoop from CoolAqua. Folks, if you haven't studied up on what RFID chips are, you need to right now. This technology is scary as hell.

They have legitimate uses, for example, in products at retail stores in case of shoplifting. The theft can be recorded and followed up by the police. However, if you actually leave the store with an item you've purchased and it has one of these things attached to it, you've essentially purchased an electronic leash. If the government or an unscrupulous business wants to track and study your movements, they now have free rein to do so.

If the chip is in your passport, the situation is even worse, because everywhere you go when traveling in a foreign country you will be holding it. This means that if your government or that foreign government is watching you, they can ping the passport's chip at any time, thus being able to determine where you're going and when. This will effectively shut down all international organizing, because governments will be able to coordinate their internal police forces with foreign forces and use that intelligence against the organizers.

Add to that trouble the awful prospect of some unscrupulous person or gang being able to hack into your RFID passport and all of a sudden your very right to travel is in jeopardy. If some gangster or terrorist uses a forged passport with your information to do business and they are caught, all of a sudden your life may be in danger. This is very bad for national security and bad for individual's security from their own overzealous governments.

Please call Congress and tell them no RFID chips in our passports!

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