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Friday, November 03, 2006

Open letter to all those who I may leave behind

Well brothers and sisters, it looks like George Bush has now received everything he needs to institue a massive fascist crackdown of the entire country. Habeas Corpus? Gone. Posse Comitatus? Gone. Halliburton run detention centers with inward-facing barbed wire? Here to stay. A FEMA that no one can trust to deliver quality life-saving care, and a system of domestic spying that pundits claim is keeping us safe from terrorism? Here to stay, and getting worse all the time.

So now what? What can we expect from our government? Well, if you are a trade unionist or other protestor for justice in Oaxaca, Mexico, you can expect to be shot at, to be hit with tear gas canisters, or just picked up and "disappeared". If you think this sort of thing is utterly disgusting and an affront to freedom as I do, then please, sign the petition and send Congress the message that Mexico should treat her citizens with respect by refraining from this kind of violence now and in the future.

Of course, what's happening in Mexico right now is just a few strokes of the Presidential pen from happening right here in the US of A. Which brings me to the point of this post: explaining to all of you what you must do in my absence.

If, as some have suggested, the President and his "Justice" Department will use the techniques practiced in the FALCON exercises to round up their political opponents following the elections, yours truly could very well end up being rounded up in such a purge. And considering that habeas corpus has been wiped away by this servile Congress, someone picked up in the US wouold never have an opportunity to challenge his or her detention, which means that they could essentially do whatever they wanted, whether it's legal or not.

But I'm not afraid. I know what sort of person I've been these last three years, fighting to improve my community and working to build relationships between people that will last long after I am gone. I'm proud of what I've accomplished in such a short time. My only hope is that there will be someone who tries to find out what happened to me and other political prisoners, and that that someone manages to expose the individuals responsible for subverting our democracy. If I end up dying as a result, so be it. There are worse ways to die than dying for the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

But before I go, I'd like to just set a few things down for the record, to clear up a few misconceptions and to add to the discussion surrounding my disappearance, or untimely death.

Number One: I am not a Communist. I have never even attended a Socialists meeting. I've been friendly with people from organizations like this but never wanted to get drawn into discussions of which philosophy is most pure or which old hardliner is more worth following (I'm talking to you, Bob Avakian). I've chosen instead to follow the movement for grassroots change in America. Call it pragmatic social democracy, or even anarchistic socialism, but it sure as hell ain't Communism.

Number Two: I'm not a terrorist. Secretary of Education Rod Paige called the Teacher's Union a bunch of terrorists, but let me just state for the record - terrorists are people that use violence to achieve political ends. Trade unionists use direct action to achieve political ends. It's a very different thing. Terrorists tend to have very secretive organizations that insulate the leaders from having to do any actual killing, preferring to use instead lonely, angry young people who have a beef with the "enemy". Trade unionists prefer to work in solidarity, moving in large numbers and breaking up property instead of people's skulls. Terrorists blow things up while trade unionists slow things down. Given the choice, I'll go with nonviolent civil resistance any day. It's a lot more fun, and less bloody, too.

Number Three: I am not a Federal agent. A lot of times, particularly in the 60s, the powers that be would start whispering campaigns against effective organizers in an attempt to poison their friends against them. I f***ing hate the Federal Government, particularly the intelligence agencies, for the actions they undertake overseas, on Indian reservations, and in our inner-cities. Therefore you can be confident that I would never stoop to being a f***ing spook and doing the bidding of the wealthy corporate elite and their pawns in the White House. Anyone who says I'm a federal agent should get their f***ing head examined.

Number Four: George Bush is not stupid. That motherf***er is smarter than you think. He may not be smart when it comes to public policy, but that's because he doesn't give a f*** about it. What he likes is money and power. If you talk to him about those two things, he is very smart indeed. So don't think old George couldn't be a part of a secret conspiracy to dominate the world's oil market, or to plot false-flag terror attacks against our own citizens. Which brings me to...

Number Five: Dick Cheney is the f***ing Antichrist. This disgusting, evil scumbag is Satan incarnate, and will eat your children for breakfast if he can't get any good eight-year-old virgins from Latin America. This guy is toxic, even worse than old Bush 41, and one of the lead architects of the New World Order, along with Wolfowitz, Perle and Kissinger. This guy knows where all the "bodies are buried", cause he's the one who ordered them killed. This piece of s*** not only planned the 9/11 attacks, he brags about it constantly. You can tell he really wants to tell everyone he helped bring about this national nightmare, but he can't without risking the whole operation.

Number Six: 9/11 was an inside job, planned to look like a horrible al Qaeda strike but designed by our own intelligence services and conducted using contract agents from other countries. The information is all over the web - read it, learn it, commit it to memory, and tell everyone you know. This is the greatest crime ever perpetrated upon a people by their government since Hitler and Stalin purged their societies of dissidents and Jews, and they did it right under our noses.

Number Seven: Whatever they tell you, I am a good person. I love my wife, I love my dog, I love my parents. I'm not a freaky sex pervert. I am always respectful to my elders, and I have never committed a crime (except perhaps ingesting controlled substances, which really shouldn't even be a crime). I've always been against violence and degrading treatment, and would never knowingly hurt another human being unless in total self-defense.

So there you have it. Whatever crap they tell you to convince you that I deserved to be "detained" or disappeared, don't believe it. The movement continues, whether I'm here or not.

Keep it up, and don't give up the fight. Our democracy has survived worse than George Bush, and it will survive this. You all just need to keep spreading the truth, telling the stories that aren't being told, writing letters to the editor, organizing protests, and all the other things that free people do. I may not get there with you, but that's alright, because, like Dr. King said to a room full of trade unionists the night before he died: "I have been to the mountaintop, and I have seen the promised land!"

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