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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Progressives win when they're supported by the Democratic Party

Rahm Emmanuel is a putz. If he had been replaced before this election by someone who actually cares about human beings and is opposed to the further occupation of Iraq, the DCCC might have actually supported candidates that were strong progressive populists. Thanks to Laura Flanders of Air America Radio for this clear insight.

Think about it - real progressives delivering strong progressive messages do well. Folks like Tester in Montana, Brown in Ohio, and Lamont in Connecticut (who got cut off at the knees by Joe and the cons) do well when they have support from party leaders as well as clear positions that the people believe in.

Let's hope they remember this lesson in 2008.

Oh yeah, sign the petition to save the people of Oaxaca, Mexico from their own right-wing government.

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