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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sign the petition to call for an end of the violence against the Mexican people

For days now the Mexican militarized police force, or PFP, has been ravaging Oaxaca City in an attempt to dislodge the protestors from that city, who have been calling for the resignation of the brutal tyrannical governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruis.

The police have killed several people and detained many more without charge. This has to stop. Please call your legislators and tell them that the people of Oaxaca need their help. If you believe in the freedom of people to petition the government for redress, then you must contact your legislators and explain to them what's happening.

Here's a petition I set up for that express purpose of petitioning the Congress. Also, if you talk to any of these legislators in person, ask them to make a statement and to pressure the State Department to take action. We can keep the Mexicans from committing huiman rights abuses if we take action now.

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