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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Edwards/Kucinich '08?

I know it sounds nuts, but wouldn't a ticket with two raging populists be better than a ticket with two DLC conservatives, even if they are a black man and a woman?

I'm just saying, you could do a lot worse than John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich. Especially if they push hard on solving our problems with free trade and immigration, and work to end the occupation of Iraq quickly and decisively.

I am trying desperately to score an interview with both these fine gentlemen for my upcoming book, "The New American Populists". If you run across either of them, feel free to send them my way. I'd love for the rest of America to learn what I already know, that these two guys would make excellent representatives of the American people.

My only concern? Neither of them has taken on the issue of 9/11 Truth. I know, it's a fringe topic, but it's my firm belief that the candidate that chooses to expose Bush's complicity in that event will win the Democratic Party nomination, and will quite possibly become our next President.

The people are ready for the truth.

[Here's another poll result on the subject from CNN]

Edwards Update: His website is taking an extremely long time to load - could this mean that thousands of people are accessing it at once? This could be very good news.

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