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Monday, January 01, 2007

3000 dead, for what?

I just want to take a minute to honor our fallen comrades, all three thousand of them and growing. These men and women didn't all want to kill Iraqis for sport. Most of them just wanted to serve their country and defend democracy, while sticking it to Saddam and his dead-end army. These poor souls actually believed that Saddam had something to do with 9/11, and they were willing to fight and to die to make him pay.

Sadly, they were wrong. They were lied to, just like we were lied to. Just like our Senators and Congressmembers were lied to. They were told to fight for freedom and democracy and they ended up fighting for Big Oil and Halliburton instead. And now that they're dead, exactly what has their sacrifice won?

A dead dictator, a nation in flames, and more angry Muslims then you could kill or imprison in ten lifetimes. We have lost this war, and for the three thousand who helped us fight it, their sacrifice will not snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Just like in Vietnam, we have killed our sons and daughters to fatten the portfolios of the fat, greedy war pigs in the military industrial complex. And just like in Vietnam, there are still too many people who continue to believe that what we are doing is correct.

Today, as you toast the new year, say a prayer for the families of those three thousand. Their sons and daughters fought using the tools they were given, following the orders they were given, waging the war they were forced to wage, and now they're gone. And their families are looking for some way that their loss can make sense.

There is a way out of this nightmare, although many families won't want to take it. The answer is quite simple. Their sons and daughters were sacrificed on the altar of greed, for Bush and his neocons to make fabulous sums of money and for the military dominance of the US and its major companies to continue in the Middle East. This so-called "War on terror" has got to end, or else more sons and daughters will continue to die for this Great Lie.

9/11 was an inside job, and without it, those three thousands souls would still be walking the earth, raising their families, playing ball with their kids, cooking holiday meals, and generally living a normal, carefree American life. But because of 9/11 and the "War on Terror", they were shoved into a pit of fire and made to dance for our leaders' perverted pleasure. They were sacrificed for blood and money, and now their families have to go on without them. Children without fathers, wives without husbands, sisters without sisters, friends without friends.

Say a prayer for the fallen today and remember who put them in that position. The President, his bloodthirsty cabal, and you, for not standing up, for not speaking out, for not demanding an end to this occupation and this phony "War on Terror".

Time is running out. We need to step it up or we will lose a whole lot more than three thousand in the coming years.

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