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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush's shock troops invade Iranian territory, kidnap diplomats

World War Three is on our doorstep. Read this post by Dying to Preserve the Lies on Bush's latest provocation with Iran.

Invading a foreign consulate and kidnapping DIPLOMATS is an ACT OF WAR. When the Iranian college students kidnapped our diplomats in Tehran, that was considered an act of war, and was responded to with UN Sanctions and a months-long crisis that ended up getting RONALD FREAKING REAGAN elected President of the United States, and sending Jimmy Carter packing.

This is a nightmare. If Iran is smart, they will play the victim and use the UN to totally shame us worldwide into giving up these kidnapped individuals. Unfortunately, we don't know what the clerics of Iran want out of this confrontation.

God willing, this nightmare will end with a positive outcome, with the Democrats speaking out against it and calling for an end to ALL funding in Iraq.

You have a duty now, dear reader. You need to call your members of Congress and demand that they cut the funding for Bush's escalation, and beyond that, for the entire Iraq War. You ought to call Senator Kennedy's office, and Congressman Markie's office. You ought to call Congressman Inslee's office, and Senator Feingold's office. And you ought to join the campaign to elect Congressman Dennis Kucinich to the Presidency of the United States.

But even more than just making phone calls, you need to get active. War with Iran may be right around the corner. Opponents of this madness are having vigils tonight, which you can learn more about at

If you can't make one of these vigils, put a candle in your window to express solidarity with the Iranian people, and your fellowers believers in the importance of seeking a more peaceful world.

Write letters to your local paper explaining this issue. If you get one printed, or even if you don't, send it to me and I will print it. Iran is not just another ripe fruit for Bush's taking. Iran is a sovereign nation full of MILLIONS of ordinary working-class people who deserve to live in peace without the threat of American bombs raining down upon their heads.

This rank imperialism is a disastrous policy that will only lead to more and more American deaths, and eventually the collapse of our entire economy. Nothing less than the fate of American democracy is at stake.

Please tell your friends and neighbors about this. Please let them know how important it is that we stop this impending war. World War Three is not an acceptable alternative to quagmire in Iraq.

See the postcard at the top of this post? Email it to everyone you know, and tell them to email it to their member of Congress. This is how we end the war.

Here's that website again -

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