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Monday, January 29, 2007

Tell your newspaper that payday lenders (and Steve Kirby) have got to go

Follow my lead and send your letters to the editors in response to Representative Steve Kirby screwing over the working man with these dang payday lenders.

The TNT has the article here:

Here's my letter:

This is an outrage. Representative Kirby, chair of the important House Consumer Protection Committee, decides to block legislation that would actually protect consumers because it would deal a harsh blow to the payday lending industry.

This is precisely why public financing of elections is so critical. If payday lenders and their ilk were not allowed to fund the reelection campaigns of corrupt legislators, such legislators would be forced to serve the public interest, or risk being voted out of office. There's a reason why legislators take money for reelection campaigns when they're running unopposed. It's to keep upstarts like you and me from thinking they can be beat.

The time has come to defend working people and the interests of all citizens by doing two things. One, getting rid of Steve Kirby and Two, passing full public financing for all elections.

Clean money means clean candidates, and that means legislation that serves you and me, and not the corporations. It's about time we took this step. It works for New Mexico and Maine, so why wouldn't it work here?

Jeff Richardson
Education Director
America in Solidarity

Categories: Politics - Local, Free & Fair Elections

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