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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thank Inslee and Kennedy for their clarity on Iraq escalation!

Thank the Lord for honest, forthright legislators. Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts yesterday laid out his reasoning for why cutting funding was the right approach to Bush's escalation of the occupation. Today, Jay Inslee followed up with his own floor speech on the issue.

Please do as I did today and call the offices of Senator Kennedy and Congressman Inslee and thank them for their service to their nation. And while you have their staffers on the phone, tell them that cutting funds for the escalation is not enough, we must call for an end to war funding altogether. Ending the war is Congress's job; Bush WILL NOT DO IT. He has said as much in the past. The time has come for our legislators to do what it takes to end this war. NOW.

Make your voices heard. And then report back here with the results.

Toll-free number for Congress: 1-866-340-9281

Today the staffer at Kennedy's office (after waiting for hours to get through on the phone) was very nice and seemed very interested to hear what I had to say. This is good news!

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