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Friday, February 23, 2007

Media misses point in Geffen-Clinton controversy

Once again, the corporate media totally misses the point on the conflict between two Democrats and obscures the issue to serve their own preconceived notions. This conflict, which Hillary's people are trying to broaden to include Barack Obama, is not merely a personality conflict between a wealthy media mogul and a pro-war "Democratic" front-runner. It IS about the issues. David Geffen is one of the few wealthy people in America who actually appears to care about issues that affect ordinary Americans, issues like unjust imprisonment of political activists.

Leonard Peltier was put in prison after a kangaroo court style trial in which prison informants provided the only "evidence" and in which the murder weapon was never found. The two FBI agents who were killed drove into an Indian reservation with guns blazing in an unmarked car without announcing their official nature, and the other people involved in the firefight were acquitted due to self defense. Leonard, on the other hand, was scapegoated to serve the interests of the FBI, who had totally botched their operation and who needed some way to make it look worthwhile.

If David Geffen was promised by the Clintons that Leonard would receive a presidential pardon, and then he didn't get it, then THEY ARE LIARS. He should be allowed to call a spade a spade. He isn't a senator, he doesn't have to play nice, he should be allowed to stand on principle, and if he didn't, he wouldn't be a principled person.

I say hooray for David Geffen for saying the things we've all been thinking. Bill Clinton was not a perfect president. His conservative policies have been disastrous for working people, and if Barack Obama is going to chart a different course, I say let's join hands and make it happen.

Let Hillary have her war. I'd rather have someone who actually cares about innocent people. If Barack has agreed to pardon Leonard Peltier, or at least to keep the promises he's made in the past, then that's more than we can expect from Mrs. Clinton.

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