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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Get your anti-war butts down to Tacoma ASAP!

Brothers and sisters in Western Washington opposed to the Iraq War:

The Bush administration is upping the ante in our fair city, bringing Stryker armored vehicles to the Port of Tacoma for shipment to the war in Iraq. If you've ever despaired about protests not making a difference, or being upset that activism doesn't seem to make a difference, here is your chance to experience some truly grassroots, radical activism that will make a huge difference in the lives of Iraqis and American servicemembers. You can stay abreast of the situation at the website of Tacoma Students for A Democratic Society.

Tonight at 5 PM there will be a Tacoma City Council Meeting at the COunty-City Building in Tacoma, in which supporters of the Tacoma Three will be protesting the unncessary arrest and intimidation of peaceful protestors.

At 9 PM, more convoys of protestors will be showing up at the Port. This is a very real action and it can have huge impact on the national debate around this issue. The Port of Tacoma is the economic heart of the city, and a successful stand against Bush's war here will make an enormous psychological impact up and down the West Coast.

If you are a dockworker, or you are friends with someone who is, please direct them to this site and encourage them to get involved. We are on the verge of a major incident, and so it will be very important for dockworkers to speak on behalf of these protestors. If dockworkers are opposed to the war, now is their chance to say something about it. And for once, the media IS listening to what you have to say.

What can you do?

Write letters to the editor. There was a great piece in today's TNT, so they will likely print at least one response to that piece. Write to all local papers, as well as the New York Times, who printed this piece about the event. The Olympian is also following the story.

Call the media. King 5 has some video online, but the coverage is heavily weighted to serve the police line. It's up to us to hold them accountable.

Call your legislators. Tacoma does not need to serve the interests of the Bush adminstration. We need the support of friendly legislators to make sure this decision is scrapped.

Organize your friends, family, and fellow workers to get down here and raise hell.

And last but not least, bring any recording devices you may have and send all your reports in to us here at

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