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Monday, March 05, 2007

Port of Tacoma News Updates

Here is the news about the Port of Tacoma Protest in reverse chronological order:

Port Militarization Resistance - Guerilla News Network
Stryker ship sails, ending protests - Tacoma News Tribune
Port of Tacoma anti-war protestors unbowed - Seattle PI
Peers debate Johnson's arrest - The Olympian
Dozens show to support activist councilman - The Olympian
Washington activists try to block port shipments
- Socialist Worker Online

Anti-war demonstration planned for Capitol building - The Olympian

Five arrested for refusing to leave railroad tracks - The News Tribune
Police, Protestors clash at Port Protest - KIRO 7 (quality video)
Five more protestors arrested at Port of Tacoma - KGW
As resistance grows, police turn violent - Znet
Peers debate Johnson's arrest - The Olympian
Olympia city councilman speaks to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

Police arrest protestors - The Olympian
Police arrests dozens during Tacoma anti-war demonstration - The Spokesman-Review

23 anti-war activists arrested in peaceful protest - Tacoma News Tribune

Dozens arrested at Port of Tacoma - KOMO-TV
Eight arrested at Port of Tacoma this afternoon - The Olympian
Tacoma port protest turns violent - The Olympian
Camera rolls as war protestors clash with police
- The Olympian
Potential arrests no deterrent for protestors - The Olympian
Tacoma prosecutors may charge protestors - The Olympian
War protestors move from port to downtown, City Hall
- Tacoma Daily News

Activist arrested at Council meeting - KIRO TV
Felony assault charges dropped against four protestors - Indybay, San Francisco

Fourth protestor arrested in Port of Tacoma protest
- The Columbian

Anti-war protestors plan noon rally - KNDO
War protest tries to stop Strykers at port
- Tacoma News Tribune

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At 12:57 PM, Blogger Jeffrey Richardson said...

Can anyone explain to me why the Olympian's coverage of this event is more comprehensive and critical of the police? I am utterly ashamed of the TNT and will be letting them know.


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