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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell is speaking truth to power!

You go, girl! This woman is systematically blowing up "The View" for the forces of good. Please check out this video from our friends, Brasscheck TV, and let everyone you know how awesome Rosie is right now.

Categories: 9/11 Truth, War & Peace

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At 7:41 AM, Anonymous Siena K. said...

Thank you for posting this. Because of her, I have read everything pro and con on the net. I have always believed we were free to question our government but I believe she will probably be silenced. She seems to be hated by so many for speaking out. Until I read her blog, I am ashamed to say that I didn't even know building 7 went down.

At 10:44 AM, Blogger Patrick said...

Sometimes it isn't that she's right or wrong, it's her style which attempts to dominate the forum at any expense, shouting down anyone who deigns to disagree, often resorting to gross exaggeration.

To suggest that "nearly everyone" in the Bush Administration is under indictment is just such an example. When these kinds of grossly overstated comments are put forth as facts when they are clearly unsubtantiated reduces her credibility.

Rosie's style is the polar opposite of Barack Obama, just think about that for a second. And that's why he's so hugely popular, Rosie, on the other hand, has become an antagonistic who, through her style, demeans her cause and drives people away rather than attracting them.

I don't think Rosie can be or will be silenced. To the contrary, the opposition relishes having a loudmouth exaggerator as an example of why liberals shouldn't be trusted, she's an exceptionally divisive person and becomes a poster child clown as a result.

But that's just one person's opinion, if she stimulates others to look into the issues, that's a good thing. However, if they look into the issues and see how wrong she is, that's quite another story.


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