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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Strykers were loaded Saturday - protestors not around

Okay, according to the TNT, the Stryker vehicles began to be loaded at some point on Saturday (but they aren't saying when) and our protestors were not present.

I'd like to know if this is really true, and if so, what our people plan to do about it. Are we simply making our displeasure known, or do we really want to stop this load from happening? Contact us here at

Perhaps it's time to take our struggle to the only people who can really stop this shipment from taking place. Perhaps it's time to move the protests to Alexander Way, next to or across the street from the ILWU 23 Hall, the home of the Tacoma Longshore Workers Union Hall and Dispatching Center. This is where our brother and sister dockworkers come to be assigned to their jobs on the Port. If we can raise hell as they come in and out of the hall, we might just be able to encourage them to slow down, or even stop the work. It's worth a shot, given that we are at this point totally unable to stop this from happening.

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