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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tacoma march and rally a huge success

Yesterday's march and rally, entitled "Enough is Enough", highlighted the overwhelming cost that this war has had on our local community. Unfortunately, I missed the first part, with all the major speeches, so I'd love it if someone would send me in an update. Also, I'm waiting to get my photos developed (I know, I'm still in the 17th century here) so if anyone has photos they'd like to share, hook me up.

This protest is going to go on! There are events today and tomorrow in Seattle, as well as events in Olympia this Tuesday and next Saturday. Please get on the streets. It's the only way we're going to save this country.

Here's a few choice blog posts about this weekends festivities:

The 4th Year Protest - Pacific Views
March 19, 2003 - March 19, 2007. Who Won? - Evergreen Politics
Seattle Peace March Today - Cool Aqua
Iraq War Veterans Memorial opens online - Washblog
Confronting the War Machine in the Northwest - Monthly Review
Senator Patty Murray speaks about the war - Hominid Views

P.S. Although the Tribune actually covered this one, it wasn't the greatest article, as usual. But something is definitely better than nothing. Why not email the author of this piece and let him know you'd like to see more of this sort of coverage, with more information about the organizers and their message.

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At 10:13 AM, Blogger Lietta Ruger said...

Thank you Jeff, for posting the info,and more than that - for caring.

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous newkillerstar said...

FYI, there are a few other cool things going on, including the screening of two of the documentaries for PBS's upcoming America at a Crossroads series, called "Faith Without Fear" and "Operation Homecoming" and discussion panel. It's happening on March 22nd (which, whoa, is tomorrow!) and it's at the Seattle Central Library.

Faith Without Fear features Irshad Manji, which sounds cool, but I'm really interested in Operation Homecoming, which is based on a writing project where everything is is told in the words of the troops themselves- poetry, nonfiction accts, etc. I think that sounds fascinating, and like a way to get a real from the ground, so to speak, view on what it's like to experience being in Iraq.

If anyone's interested, there's more info available here:

It sounds like it'd be really cool - I know I'd love to see the panel discussion afterward.


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