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Friday, April 20, 2007

Dennis Kucinich plans to file impeachment charges against Darth Cheney

This is it, folks. Once these charges are filed, it's up to all of us, America's progressive bloggers, to spread the word and to make sure that they receive a fair hearing and a clean vote. We should be calling our members of Congress as well as our two Senators and demanding that they hold Dick Cheney accountable.

What's he guilty of?

Number one, there was the secret White House Energy Task Force. It's pretty clear that that was the meeting in which the oil company execs told Cheney he needed to find some pretext for invading Iraq. From that point forward, seizing the Iraqi oilfields was Cheney's number one priority. And how about conspiring with Enron to jack up consumers utility bills and defraud thousands of investors and Enron employees?

Next, we have 9/11. It's well known that Dick Cheney was running NORAD exercises throughout the US and Canada and prevented fighter pilots from intercepting the hijacked airliners. It's also pretty clear that he helped cover up his involvement in the attacks, and encouraged the President to inflate the case against bin Laden, in order to distract attention away from his involvement.

After that came Afghanistan, and then Iraq. The Iraq War in particular was made possible by the direct intervention of Dick Cheney and his Office of Special Plans, a parallel intelligence operation working out of the Vice President's office.

And lastly, there was the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, whose husband was threatening to expose Cheney's crimes and subject him to to Congressional scrutiny. With Plame's cover blown, our operations in the Middle East to secure loose nukes and stop the spread of WMDs were obliterated. Cheney is personally responsible for making the world LESS safe, not safer.

All these things add up to one seriously easy case against old Tricky Dick. So let's get it on, America.

Call Congress today and tell them to take Cheney to the wall. That scumbag has got to go down, and it won't happen unless we take action.

The Toll-Free number for Congress is: 1-800-862-5530

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