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Friday, May 04, 2007

Citizen Updates on the Port Protests

In addition to news stories and blog posts, we also have updates from citizens at the protests. Most of these come from Indymedia, so they have not been verified.

Police harrassing cars on way to Aberdeen - Drew, 5/6/07 10:11 PM
Fascism in Aberdeen - Ray Kavick, 5/6/07 7:34 AM
PMR activists announce arrival of US Navy ship in Grays Harbor and schedule of protests - Olympia PMR, 5/5/07
Plan for weekend in Aberdeen - Ray Kavick, 5/5/07 3:04 PM
Aberdeen: No to military shipments - Mollie, 5/5/07 9:56 AM
Aberdeen port militarization protests - Nicky Swift 5/4/07 6:09 PM
Grays Harbor Militarization Resistance - Joe La Sac, 5/4/07 3:52 AM
Military using Port of Aberdeen right now - Lewis McCracken, 5/2/07 11:14 PM

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