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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Feds to give big dollars to Washington ports

Okay, it looks like the Department of Homeland Security has allocated several million dollars to Washington Ports, including the Port of Grays Harbor, which received no funds last year. Here's the quote from the Seattle PI:

"The ports of Vancouver, Longview and Grays Harbor are also receiving $935,000 between the three of them after they failed to receive any such money in 2006."

The largest recipient, strangely, is the Port of Tacoma, which is great, although I wonder how much of this money is being earmarked to pay for increased police presence during protests. I'd love to know if, just like Miami during the FTAA protests, this money was pre-allocated to pay for surveillance and intimidation of peaceful protestors by police and federal agents.

Send in your stories today about this war, the protests and anything else you think the world should know about!

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At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The money will be used to enable the employers to erode the job security of, and to monitor, longshoremen. All of the focus is on the Ports, and none of it is on the transportation of containers once they leave the Port, which is on surface streets. No truck drivers are being asked to submit to the requirements of TWIC or any other screening process. Considering Carlyle owns Horizon lines and CSX, not too surprising.


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